Deeleebob Music Products announces the release of The Effect Rack


Deeleebob Music Products announces the release of The Effect Rack

Deeleebob Music Products Effect Rack was unveiled this year April 2011 during the Frankfurt Musik Messe fair in Hall 4.0 Booth J25. The bracket device allows for safe carriage and easy access to a variety of devices normally placed hap-hazard on top, or beside an amplifier. The Effect Rack uses a friction clamping action to hold in place a 1U or Half rack space device, iPad, wireless receiver, DI box, Speaker emulator, custom pedal board, and any other similar sized music gear. The Effect Rack itself will prove useful to musicians, studio owners, technicians, and music enthusiasts. It has a place in any musician’s arsenal of stands, pedals, and rack devices. It is a musician’s friend and handy in the studio or the local jam space. A catchall for any piece of gear you need held secure right by your amp, where you need it.

Deeleebob Music Products Effect Rack Top Features

– An inexpensive alternative to buying a full rack system.
– 1U space device or half rack unit is secure for the show.
– Works with iPad or similar smart tablet device.
– Setup in minutes. Won’t scratch or mark equipment.
– Poly coated stainless steel construction.
– Solidly holds an effect unit or other device on top of the amp.
– No drilling or additions to the amplifier.
– Vibration and shock will not affect The Effect Rack™.
– Uses the existing amp handle and friction to hold your gear.
– It will fit inside a soft case with an effect unit.
– No bulky rack case to carry from studio to stage.
– It works with any amp that has a handle on top.

The Effect Rack is a product of necessity. Simplicity in it’s design. The uses for the device go far beyond that of a simple 1U rack holder. It belongs on the top of every amplifier in the world. Any musician can benefit from using The Effect Rack.” Lance Reegan-Diehl – Creator / Owner. (U.S and International Patents Pending, Euro Patent App.#2 339 865)

The Effect Rack™ is a product worth having to keep your gear safe and secure while you record / perform / or just jam with your friends. A benefit to any musician no matter what instrument you play.

At MSRP $29.95 The Effect Rack™ even makes a great gift for that music person in your life.

Source: Deeleebob Music Products Press Release


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