Analog Elemental Series, 13 new products, one concept from Sound Performance Lab


Analog Elemental Series, 13 new products, one concept from Sound Performance Lab

SPL will arrive at this year’s Musikmesse in Frankfurt with a rack full of new products, including 13 brand new units of its “Analog Elemental Series”  – One single unit, two modules, one 19-inch rack space. Sound Performance Lab has succeeded in creating 13 Elemental units combining six modules. This means you can have a Premium or Preference two-channel preamp or a single-channel preamp perfectly matched with processors like a De-Esser, a DynaMaxx Compressor, a TwinTube Processor or the legendary Transient Designer second generation. If you would rather have processing capabilities only you can have a DeEsser combined with a DynaMaxx or two TwinTubes, for example.

“The Analog Elemental Series enhances our product line in two different ways,” says SPL CEO Hermann Gier. “First of all, we now have the exceptional preamps of the RackPack modular series in the traditional 19-inch format. Secondly, this series offers perfect front end and processing combinations for any situation ranging from pure preamplification to specific processing needs for vocals and instruments. This allows for any possible configuration to come true.”

The 13 different Analog Elemental units result from the mix of six different preamps and processing modules. One single product combines two of the following modules in a 1U 19-inch rack.

SPL Analog Elemental Series | Modules and Key Features

# Premium Microphone Preamplifier
# Preference Microphone Preamplifier
# Transient Designer
# TwinTube Tube Saturation Processor
# Dual-Band De-Esser
# DynaMaxx Compressor/Limiter

You can find the recommended retail prices in euro on the official site here.

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