Create your own Midi Platform with Livid Instruments Elements


Elements Modular System is a Modular Midi Controller Platform made by Livid Instruments that allows everyone to create their controller without any complicated assembly process or any knowledge about electronics. The modules from the Elements Modular System come in many different layouts and configurations so you can replace, mix and rearrange them the way you want. Each Elements Module connects to the main Elements Brain for easy setup. For total plug-and-play integration, the modules are housed in one Eurorack cases, the whole system being based around this format.

The Elements Configuration Utility lets you configure your layout and edit your Midi settings. With a growing list of available modules Livid Instruments designed this system to grow with you and the community of people making modules for the Elements System. Whether you are recording, mixing, performing live, or need a unique setup for your show control, Elements Modular System gives you complete control over your system. With a USB port, MIDI in and out jacks, and an optional 5v power supply, Elements Modular System is a very flexible controller solution. If you are performing with Ableton Live, or mixing visuals with Cell DNA, or DJing with Traktor, or controlling your favorite analog gear, Elements Modular System a wide range of control possibilities.

In addition to Elements Modular System module offerings, Livid Instruments has  created a Hardware Development Kit (HDK) for other companies, artists, and designers looking to create and share their own modules. Elements Modular System allows buttons, rotary potentiometers, fader, pressure sensitive pads, leds, encoders, sensors, and other analog devices to be connected through Livid and third party modules.

You can shop for entire system of Elements Modular System or just the modules here. For the moment you can find:

# Livid Instruments Elements Dual80 Bundle
# Livid Instruments Elements Skiff80 Bundle
# Livid Instruments Elements Case Skiff80
# Livid Instruments Elements Case Dual80
# Livid Instruments Elements Module 4E4F4B
# Livid Instruments Elements Module 4K4F
# Livid Instruments Elements Module 4AB
# Livid Instruments Elements Module 8F
# Livid Instruments Elements Module 16K
# Livid Instruments Elements Module 16B
# Livid Instruments Elements Module 4K4F4B
# Livid Instruments Elements Module 4F4B
# Livid Instruments Elements Brain v2

More details and info you can find alos on the official site.

Source: Livid Instruments Press Release


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