ESI Audio introduces Phonorama USB Audio Interface

ESI Audio is introducing the Phonorama USB audio interface
ESI Audio is introducing the Phonorama USB audio interface

ESI Phonorama Audio Interface is the perfect solution if you want to transfer quickly and with a high quality result your old tapes and records top mp3 or wav files. The USB Audio Interface features an adjustable phono preamp and comes bundled with the powerful and convenient BIAS SoundSaver audio restoration solution for Mac and PC.

ESI Phonorama Audio Interface features a phono preamp that can be matched to MM (moving magnet) and MC (moving coil) systems with its RCA inputs. It also features a convenient ground connection screw. For transfers of signals from tape and other sources, the phono preamp can be turned off for line signals. There is also a stereo line and headphone output.

Bundled with ESI Phonorama Audio Interface is SoundSaver, the easy all-in-one analog media archiving solution from BIAS. It allows capturing of your favourite records and tapes, either manually or with the automatic record timer. Then remove unwanted noise, tape/needle hiss as well as click and crackles, before exporting separate tracks as mp3, to your iTunes library or as WAV files for CD recording.

ESI Audio Phonorama USB Audio Interface Features

# Digitize your vinyl discs
# USB phono interface
# Includes BIAS Soundsaver restoration software for PC/Mac
# Design mini

ESI Audio Phonorama USB Audio Interface Specs

# Connection: USB.
# Inputs: RCA input with earth for turntable, moving magnet phono input, mocing coil phono input
# Outputs: Line output: stereo TRS jack 1/4″ x 2, headphone output.
Power: USB bus powered.
# System Requirements (PC): Intel CPU (P4 or greater) or compatible AMD CPU with SSE instructions. (min. 1.5 GHz processor recommended). Windows 7/Vista/XP (SP3). 2 GB RAM for Windows 7/Vista or 1 GB RAM for Windows XP. 55 MB available disk space.
# System Requirements (MAC): G5 or Intel Mac. Mac OS X 10.5 or neuer. 25 MB available disk space.

ESI Phonorama Audio Interface can boughts purchased at the price of £76.95 / €89.00

Source: TimeSpace.Com


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