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Lightning Boy Audio introduces the Rectified Leveler

Lightning Boy Audio introduces the Rectified Leveler

Lightning Boy Audio (LBA) recently announced their return to building quality studio gear with the impending release of their new vacuum tube optical compressor named, the “Rectified Leveler”.

The Rectified Leveler is based on the electro-optical technology of the revered LA2A optical compressor. Through the use of paper in oil capacitors, low noise resistors, NOS tubes, and the addition of a selectable vacuum tube or solid state rectifier stage, this compressor takes this fabled technology to a whole new level of high fidelity and tonal flexibility.

The Rectified Leveler front panel features all of the familiar controls of an LA2A, and adds two new and very powerful features. The first is a Vintage/Modern toggle that allows the user to choose between the compression characteristics of a traditional LA2A, or the Modern setting that introduces a low cut side-chain. When the Modern setting is selected, the compressor ignores low frequency information when compressing the audio, resulting in a bigger low end and cleaner highs. The second switch, Tube/Silicon, allows the user to select either the smaller, more up front sound of LA2A-style silicon diodes or the bigger, more open sound of a 6X4 rectifier tube.

At the heart of this groundbreaking new compressor is the Kenetek T4B optical cell, which delivers extremely musical compression curves.  Simply said, it offers transparent compression.  You can hit the Rectified Leveler with tons of compression and it won’t cough up any opto-cell distortion at you.

As with all Lightning Boy gear, paper in oil caps are utilized for their ultra-transparent sound and smooth tone. Like all of our other builds, the Rectified Leveler is wired point to point with silver plated Teflon insulated wire. To prevent any unnecessary resistor noise, all Lightning Boy equipment is made with low noise Vishay/Dale metalized film resistors.

The Rectified Leveler has a release date of April 21st and can be pre-ordered on our website at  The pre-order is a limited edition run of five that feature NOS UTC transformers. The production builds will use Sowter input and output transformers.

The announced price is $2900. You can preorder on the official site.

Source: Lighting Boy Audio Press Release

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