Roland has launched The INTEGRA-7 SuperNatural Sound Module


Roland has launched INTEGRA-7 SuperNATURAL Sound Module, a rack unit loaded with over 6000 sounds, SuperNATURAL sounds, PCM sounds, and all 12 SRX expansion boards. Roland INTEGRA-7 rack module also comprises a “greatest hits” collection of sounds from Roland’s flagship keyboards and modules, and is loaded with SuperNATURAL drum kit sounds derived from V-Drums. In addition, the Roland INTEGRA-7 introduces a new technology called Motional Surround, a 17-part ambience engine (16 internal parts plus one external part) that lets users graphically control the distance and position of each part within a 360-degree sound field.

Housed in a stylish and rugged metal chassis, the Roland INTEGRA-7 is beautifully designed and built to withstand decades of use, whether in a studio or a touring road rack. The internal components are premium grade, including high-quality, low-noise D/A converters. Roland  INTEGRA-7 comes with multiple dedicated effects engines, so users don’t have to worry about CPU load. Each of the 16 parts can have their own multi-effects and EQ, rather than sharing the same effects for all parts.

Across the INTEGRA-7’s front panel are dedicated buttons for accessing sounds and effects quickly, plus a large value dial surrounded by navigation keys. The LCD is easy to see, with adjustable contrast and brightness to suit the viewing angle and lighting conditions. A convenient USB memory port is provided for storing settings. On the rear panel is an array of versatile connectors, including stereo XLR outputs, eight individual 1/4-inch phone outs, a digital (coaxial) output, MIDI IN/OUT/THRU jacks, and a USB port that supports audio streaming at rates up to 24-bit/96 kHz. For convenience and flexibility, input jacks for feeding external audio to the Motional Surround processor are provided on both the rear and front panels.

A custom INTEGRA-7 Editor app lets iPad® users control the INTEGRA-7’s synth parameters, part mixer, and Motional Surround remotely via the INTEGRA-7’s USB connection (using an Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit) or via the Roland WNA1100-RL Wireless USB adaptor. In addition, the app can be used for selecting sounds and reading/loading the 16-part Studio Sets. Also available is the Motional Surround VSTi Editor, which allows SONAR users to control and automate Motional Surround parameters from a plug-in within their DAW.

Roland’s new A-88 and A-49 MIDI Controller Keyboards are perfect partners for the INTEGRA-7. The SuperNATURAL mode button on the A-88/A-49 automatically assigns the INTEGRA-7’s most appropriate parameters to the mod lever, knobs, and D-BEAM for controlling the selected SuperNATURAL sound.

Roland INTEGRA-7 SuperNATURAL Sound Module | Top Features

# Flagship synth module with over 6,000 sounds built in
# The latest SuperNATURAL sounds with enhanced Behavior Modeling technology for expressive acoustic instruments and accurate reproduction of performance articulations
# Powerful SuperNATURAL synth engine with fat analog synth models and vintage filter types
# Dynamic SuperNATURAL drum engine with natural tonal change derived from Roland V-Drums
# Producer’s “must-have” SRX Expansion sound library built in; all 12 SRX titles included
# Dedicated multi-effects and EQ for each part (16 parts), plus dedicated COMP+EQ (use six simultaneously) for drums and ambience parameters for SuperNATURAL drum kits
# Innovative 17-part Motional Surround ambience engine for stereo, headphone, and 5.1-channel output
# INTEGRA-7 Editor for iPad and Motional Surround VSTi Editor for SONAR software

Roland INTEGRA-7 SuperNATURAL Sound Module | Acoustic Tones

Here are a few examples of the SuperNATURAL acoustic sounds onboard the INTEGRA-7, and their realistic behavioral actions:

# Grand Piano – This gorgeous grand provides smooth, seamless tonal changes from soft to hard keystrokes, and natural decay with no “looping”. The notes fade beautifully and organically. You can adjust a variety of parameters to customize the sound.
# Electric Piano – Recreations of legendary EPs are onboard, including ’68 Reed, ’73 Stage, ’78 Pure, ’76 Tine, and ’81 Tine. These expressive pianos feature realistic key-off noise and dedicated effects, including a newly created phaser.
# Guitar – Reproduce chord fingerings, strumming, and melodic performances of steel-, nylon-, and 12-string guitars, as well as Flamenco guitars, ukulele, and mandolin. The INTEGRA-7 also contains several electric guitar models, including a single-coil Strat, and even an amp simulators such as the Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus, stack amps, and more. Electric guitar techniques such as the “Jazz octave” phrase can also be performed easily.
# Strings – Pitches transition naturally from note to note when playing tied legato-style melody lines. Effortlessly realize portamento, pizzicato, staccato, and tremolo techniques that are unique to instruments such as violin, viola, cello, and double bass.
# Brass – The INTEGRA-7 faithfully reproduces the dynamic changes of tone colors unique to brass instruments — including the over-blowing technique of a saxophone, and the distinctive pitch-bend behavior of a French horn. Perform staccato, fall, and growl techniques with stunning realism.
# Ethnic Instruments –  Instruments from around the globe are onboard, such as the Shakuhachi (Japan) with authentic pitch and tonal fluctuations caused by breath amount, Erhu (China) with the distinctive pitch bend when transitioning from note to note, Sitar (India) with realistic string resonance, and Kalimba (Africa) with unique vibrating noise of the board and tines. The built-in “ExSN1 (Expansion SuperNATURAL) Ethnic” sound pack can be loaded into a virtual slot for more sounds.

Roland INTEGRA-7 SuperNATURAL Sound Module | Synthesizer

The INTEGRA-7’s SuperNATURAL powers also reach beyond acoustic instruments. It’s loaded with SuperNATURAL synth tones that meticulously recreate the fat sound of beloved vintage synthesizers, their expressive filters, and unique envelope behaviors. Hundreds of PCM waveforms are onboard as well, providing a treasure trove of classic digital-synth sounds prevalent in the ’80s and ’90s. You can even edit the sounds intuitively on an iPad with the dedicated editor app.

Roland INTEGRA-7 SuperNATURAL Sound Module | Drums and SFX

In addition to the expressive acoustic tones and full-blown synth engine under the hood of the INTEGRA-7, you’ll find a SuperNATURAL drum engine derived from Roland V-Drums. Thanks to Behavior Modeling Technology, the INTEGRA-7 can groove like a real drummer. Drum kits respond smoothly and naturally to velocity, with seamless tonal transitions from soft to loud. Play fast drum fills that don’t sound like fake machine-gun fire, and create fluid snare, tom, and cymbal rolls with real-time control of their speed and volume via mod lever. The drum engine even has its own ambience effect, plus six COMP+EQ sets, which you can apply to the drum instruments individually.

The newly created SFX kits offer a variety of stunningly realistic sounds, such as car crash, door slam, footsteps, birds, river, and more. Great for film scoring, some of the effects offer real-time control. For example, using the mod lever, you can realistically control the sound of a virtual audience (the amount of clapping and cheering) or the sound of an ocean tide, rain, and wind.

Roland INTEGRA-7 SuperNATURAL Sound Module | Essential Legacy Sounds Onboard

Roland has a long, celebrated history of creating top-selling synthesizers, and many musicians still rely heavily on their legacy gear. With the INTEGRA-7, a “greatest hits” collection of previous Roland synths is built in. All of the sounds from the XV-5080 are on board, plus all 12 titles from the SRX Expansion libraries, including SRX-05 Supreme Dance with essential electro sounds from vintage TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines, SRX-06 Complete Orchestra with a huge collection of orchestral instruments and dramatic sound-effects, and SRX-09 World Collection that’s like an audio encyclopedia of ethnic instruments including rare, hard to find samples. The INTEGRA-7 is equipped with four virtual expansion slots, which can be used to load four SRX libraries simultaneously. With all of these classic sounds instantly available, plus a new stockpile of enhanced SuperNATURAL sounds, the INTEGRA-7 brings the past, present, and future together in one convenient instrument!

Notes: Since the INTEGRA-7 uses the latest MFX engine, the on board SRX expansion libraries will not sound identical to previous sound modules and synthesizers. The INTEGRA-7 cannot load data from the XV-5080.

More details about Roland INTEGRA-7 SuperNatural Sound Module you can find on the official site. Price and availability will be announced soon.

Source: Roland Press Release


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