Satur-8, the new 8ch Summing Mixer from Looptrotter Audio Engineering


Satur-8, the new 8ch Summing Mixer from Looptrotter Audio Engineering

Looptrotter Audio Engineering, the creators of Monster Compressor unveils Satur-8 their new addition to the audio pro products family. Looptrotter Audio Engineering Satur-8 offers 8 separate channels of saturation blocks referencing the sound of vintage valve consoles and tape recorders.

Looptrotter Audio Engineering Satur-8 works as an analogue soft limiter as well. It slightly aligns the signal and adds low-order harmonics in a smart way. It can be used either during recording or mixing stages. The unit gives a solid and fat sound in the recording, processing and mixing stages.

Looptrotter Audio Engineering Monster Compressor was a primary point of reference for the creation of Satur-8 because of its acknowledged saturation system based on vaccum tubes. Looptrotter managed to achieve a distinct sound of vaccum tubes with the usage of semiconductor technology.

Looptrotter Audio Engineering Satur-8 is user-friendly. All the channels are equipped with two knobs: DRIVE (saturation depth) and OUTPUT (output level). Saturation depth (the amount of added harmonics) is indicated by two LEDs at 4 and 8% THD.

Looptrotter Audio Engineering Satur-8is also an analogue summing mixer, 8 x 2 with insert slot. Each of the eight channels allows panning (L, C, R), and stereo output level is set with a Master pot. AUX input allows you to hook up another Satur-8 and multiply the number of channels.

Price is £2,400.00 incl. VAT. (£2,000.00 excl. VAT) according to KMR Audio

Source: KmrAudio.Com


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