Sweetwater reveals New Creation Station Computers


Sweetwater New Creation Station Computers

Sweetwater announces a new lineup of Creation Station Audio Computers. Redesigned from the ground zero, New Sweetwater Creation Station PC Family are optimized for music and audio production and also built to provide whisper-quiet operation in critical studio environments. There are two 4U rackmount models and two 2U rackmountable models in the Sweetwater Creation Station PC New Serie, all 4 models coming with powerful processors, ample storage options, and extensive connectivity for interfaces and other peripherals.

Sweetwater Creation Station PC Top Features

# Blazing-fast speed, to get the most out of your DAW, plug-ins, and virtual instruments
# Tested, tuned, and optimized by audio pros, for maximum audio performance
# Engineered and built from the ground up specifically for high-performance audio
# Sleek 2U and 4U rackmountable formats, for the ultimate in portable CPU power
# Incredibly quiet and cool operation

More details you can find on the site at www.sweetwater.com.


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