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Keyboard Production Station | Music Computing StudioBLADE (Gen2)

Keyboard Production Station | Music Computing StudioBLADE (Gen2)

Keyboard Production Station | Music Computing StudioBLADE (Gen2)

Music Computing, the production and design team for all-in-one music keyboard production stations – StudioBlade Line – announced today the immediate availability of Gen2, the upgraded and updated reality of their computer based music production studio monster. Music Computing StudioBLADE (Gen2) are complete stations with piano keys, drum trigger pads, knobs, sliders, thousands of sound presets and software for live and studio use. They allow you to compose, record, mix, and master songs that are ready for radio or direct … World Wide Web.

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StudioBLADEs (Gen2) are powered by high-performance computer cores utilizing Intel® Xeon® mission-critical server platform processors that are perfect for today’s demanding musicians and the virtual instruments and software application they use. Options include dual 6-core processors totaling 12-cores, up to 192GB of RAM, and up to 6TB of hard drive storage. The Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) operating system is preconfigured for music production and can run almost any software application or plug-in. Capable of running over 2,000 plug-ins at once, sequencing thousands of tracks simultaneously, and storing millions of sound presets, the StudioBLADE (Gen2) is by far the highest performance keyboard available today.

The first truly scalable music production tool, StudioBLADE provides the user with what they need, when they need it. This means the user can start with the base configuration with a single processor, one memory module and one hard drive, and add more as they need it. The company calls this the Goldilocks Principle and is designed to allow the keyboard to grow with the user.

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“The goal was to produce products that would endure the test of time, or even better yet, the increasing shorter product cycles from the computer parts manufactures.” Said Victor Wong, CEO, Music Computing. “By using server components, which are supported in terms of years or decades instead of months, the StudioBLADE represents a sound investment that will save its users time and money far into the future”

StudioBLADEs (Gen2) are available in 61-key and an 88-key versions, perfect for live or studio use.The keys are velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted action, and are professional in feel and ultra-roadworthy. Pitch and Mod wheels as well as octave up and down buttons with indicators are also included.

Included with each StudioBLADE is Studio One Pro from Presonus. This powerful digital audio workstation (DAW) software enables you to compose, record, edit and master your music with ease to produce professional quality songs. Included is both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions and an additional 10GB of sounds plus the following list of software:

Native Effects™ 32-bit effects library with 20 dynamics processors, reverbs, modulations effects, amp simulators, etc.
Ampire  – Amplifier-Modeling
Analog Delay tape – delay emulation
Auto Filter – Envelope Filter
Beat Delay – Tempo-Synchronized Delay
Binaural Pan – Stereo Panning Effect
Channel Strip – Dynamics Processing and Equalizer
Chorus – Mono/Stereo Chorus
Compressor – Mono/Stereo Variable Compressor
Expander – mono/stereo expander
Flanger – Stereo/Mono Flanger
Gate – noise gate, now with MIDI trigger
Level Meter – sizable peak/rms meter
Limiter – Mono/Stereo Limiter
Mixtool – Phase and MS Utility
MixVerb – Mono/Stereo Reverb
Phase Meter phase – correlation analysis
Phaser – mono/stereo phaser
ProEQ – 7-band parametric EQ
Red Light Distortion – distortion processor
Room Reverb – stereo/mono room reverb
Scope – full featured oscilloscope with side chain input
Spectrum Meter – frequency analyzer
Tricomp – 3-band compressor
Tuner – instrument tuner
X-Trem – mono/stereo tremolo
Four virtual instruments
Impact™ Sample Trigger Drum Instrument with 32 drum kits by Ueberschall™
Now with multi-velocity layer capability
Presence™ Sample Player Virtual Instrument with 200 sampled instruments by Digital SoundFactory™
Now with multi-FX section and up to 96 voices
New Synth Session Soundset adds over 150 new instruments
Sample One™ Sampler Virtual Instrument
New design with high-quality filter and switchable filter types, and now up to 96 voices
Mojito™ Analog-Modeling Subtractive Synthesizer
Native Instruments™ Kore™ Player with 150 instruments
Native Instruments™ Guitar Rig LE
Toontrack™ EZ Drummer Lite
Nearly 1,400 drum loops (1.4 GB!) by Bandmate™ Loops
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More informations you can find directly on the product page on Music Computing Site. The announced price for Music Computing StudioBLADE (Gen2) is $3,499

Sources: Music Computing

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    I love this thing very much but the price is way to high. Can’t y’all reduce the price to like $1,000? Everybody wants this I talked to my friends about this they love too much, but they can’t afforded the price its way to high cant y’all reduce it?

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