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New Audio Interface | Propellerhead Software unveiled Balance

Propellerhead Software unveiled Balance, its first audio interface and foray into hardware. Integrated with Reason Essentials Software, Balance is at the heart of Propellerhead’s complete music making solution.

Balance, a two-in by two-out audio interface for Mac and Windows, is designed for the single person operated home/project studio. Fully USB 2 powered with separate volume controls for monitors and headphones, it contains 8 input connections to keep all instruments, mics and devices connected and ready to record with the press of a button – without software pop-ups or control panels. The included Reason Essentials packs in all the recording editing, effects, instruments and mixing tools needed to create great sounding tracks.

“We looked at recording from our musician users’ perspective. They were spending time concerned with issues other than music making – riddled in installing software, managing cables, setting up control panels, setting gain levels, tweaking recording parameters, and more. It frankly wasn’t as easy and straightforward and it should be,” says Ernst Nathorst-Böös, CEO. “So, we were compelled to create Balance with Reason Essentials to let them focus on creativity and not on technology.”

Works with everyone, perfect integration with Reason and Reason Essentials

Balance’s class compliant drivers on the Mac and ASIO/WMD driver for Windows ensure hassle free installation and compatibility with all applications from iTunes to ProTools. Integration with Propellerhead products goes further. Hardware buttons on Balance bring up a large meter/tuner in Reason and can also enable “Clip Safe,” Propellerhead’s new recording technology that with one click heals clipped recorded audio. Musicians no longer have to worry about losing a great recording because gain levels were too high, and can stay focused on creating that goose bump evoking performance.

Watch online the video presentation of Propellerhead Balance on the Official You Tube Account of Propellerhead

Pricing & availability

Reason Essentials with Balance audio interface will be available for purchase worldwide on September 30, 2011 at a suggested retail price of EUR €499 / USD $499.

More information on Reason Essentials with Balance can be found here:

Source: Propellerhead Press Release


  1. The people have been begging them for plugin support and MIDI out. What do THEY decide we “need”? Another prosumer audio interface. What on earth do they drink at business meetings in Sweden? I’m making the prediction that this “Balance and Reason Essentials” venture will be as successful as the whole Record as a separate application experiment was.

    This company operates like some wealthy persons vanity project. They have ZERO interest in consumer requests or even customer feedback. I’m done with them.


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