Recording Studios | Andre Tanneberger (ATB) Kontor Music Studio

We found a video for a recording studio presentation, made by ATB (Andre Tanneberger) for Kontor Music Studio. The “movie” is old (was filmed in 2003 or so) and the gear list attached is not updated but overall, there are a lot of interesting details presented … so …

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Gear List – ATB (Kontakt Music) Recording Studio

Samplers / Sound Modules / Synthesizers:

1x Access Virus TI
2x Akai S-5000 Sampler, jeweils 136MB RAM & 1x EB20 FX-Board
1x Clavia Nord Lead
1x Emu Planet Phatt
1x Emu Orbit
1x Emu Audity 2000
1x Emu Ultra Proteus
1x Emu Virtuoso 2000
1x Emu Proteus 2000
1x Emu X-treme Lead-1
1x Kawai K4R
1x Korg X3R
1x Kurzweil K2500 R
1x Novation Bass-Station Rack
1x Novation Supernova
2x Oberheim Matrix-1000
2x Roland JD-800
1x Roland JD-990
1x Roland JV 2080
1x Roland JP-8000
1x Roland TR-909

Effects / EFX Processors:

1x Antares ATR-1 Autotune
1x Eventide Orville Harmonizer
1x Lexicon 480L
1x Lexicon PCM 90
1x Lexicon Alex
2x tc-electronic D-Two
2x tc-electronic Fireworx

Compressors / Eq / De-esser:

1x PRISM Sound MEA-2 Equalizer
1x SPL De-Esser
2x SPL Stereo Vitalizer MKII-Tube
1x SPL Tube Vitalizer
1x tc-electronic Gold Channel
1x tc-electronic Finalizer Plus


1x Doepfer LMK4 Masterkeyboard
2x Emagic Unitor 8 MK
1x Emagic Unitor 8 MKII
3x Emagic AMT8‚
1x Yamaha Sustain-Pedal

Microphones / Preamps:

1x AKG C-414 TL-II
1x Neumann TLM-193
1x Sony MDR 7506
1x Behringer Powerplay
1x SE Electronics Reflexion Filter

Recording Gear:

1x Audio Tape Deck D-6800
1x Audio Verteiler MCP-6
1x MMB Professional CD-Recorder CDR-800
1x Tascam DA-302 DAT-Recorder

PC Hardware:

1x Mac G5 2 x 2 GHZ
2x 30″ Apple Cinema HD Display
RME-Digi 24Bit/96 KHz

Audio Analysis:

1x DK Audio MSD 100 Analyzer
1x KEN SA-31 Audio Spectrum Analyzer
1x Kenwood GE-7030 Graphic Equalizer
1x Klark Technik DN 6000 Audio Analyzer


1x Technics 1210 MKII & Pioneer DJ 600 Mixer
2 x Pioneer CDJ-400

Recording Studios | Andre Tanneberger (ATB) Kontor Music Studio

Recording Studios | Andre Tanneberger (ATB) Kontor Music Studio

Studio Monitors:

1x Paar Yamaha NS-10M cu tot cu Audio RA-501
1x Paar JBL Model 6425
1x Paar Blue Sky Media Desk cu Woofer


1x Mac Pro 2 x 3,0 GHZ Quad Core Intel Xeon
2x 30″ Apple Cinema HD Display
Motu 2408 MK-3
TC Powercore Firewire 19″


Emagic Logic Audio 8
Emagic Sound Diver 3.0
Waves Gold Bundle
Waves L3
Spectrasonics Atmosphere
Spectrasonics Omnisphere
Spectrasonics Stylus
Spectrasonics Trilogy
Steinberg Virtual Guitarist
refx Vanguard
refx Nexus
NI Massive
NI Absynth

Audio Consoles / Mixing Desks:

Soundtracks DPC-II

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