Updated DJ|iO DJ Audio Interface is now shipping


Updated DJ|iO DJ Audio Interface is now shipping

We talked about in July that Numark has updated and also redesigned their popular DJ|iO portable USB audio interface. Numark today announces the immediate availability at pro audio retailers of this product and also the fact that DJ|iO DJ Audio Interface will be showcased at booth F3 at BPM 2011 in Birmingham, England from October 1st – October 3rd.

Originally introduced in 2007, Numark DJ|iO is a PC and Mac compatible USB audio interface which features 24-bit audio with a sample rate of 44.1kHz. Numark DJ|iO is compact and rugged for easy transportation and powerful enough to provide solutions for a wide range of audio I/O needs specific to the DJ. Featuring ultra-low latency audio via ASIO drivers, DJ|iO has two independent pairs of RCA stereo outputs that can be configured in software to route independent players or a mix of master and cueing output. A mic input with adjustable gain is provided to mix into stereo pair #1 and a ¼” stereo headphone output to listen to stereo pair #2 in order to preview the mix. The DJ|iO is USB bus powered.

Virtual DJ Home software is now included with DJ|iO, giving DJs the ability to start mixing immediately. DJ|iO’s elegant new chassis is bright silver, which makes this DJ audio interface a great-looking addition to any setup.

“The updated DJ|iO brings essential connectivity to DJs with a great-looking design that will compliment their other gear,” said Chris Roman, Numark Product Manager. “Including Virtual DJ software just made sense—this isn’t your average USB interface: it’s made specifically for DJs.”

DJ|iO DJ Audio Interface Top Features

  • DJ audio interface for use laptop performance
  • Ultra low-latency playback for real-time mixing
  • Two independent RCA stereo outputs for main and recording systems
  • Microphone input with adjustable gain (1/4″)
  • Stereo headphone output (1/4″ TRS)
  • Studio-grade, 24–bit, 44.1 kHz and 88.2 kHz audio quality
  • ASIO drivers with control panel for fine-tuning system performance
  • USB bus powered, requires no wall power

Source: Numark


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