Antares Audio Technologies introduces Auto-Tune Live – The Real-Time Pitch Correction and Auto-Tune Vocal Effect

Antares Audio Technologies introduces Auto-Tune Live - The Real-Time Pitch Correction and Auto-Tune Vocal Effect

Antares Audio Technologies has announced the Auto-Tune Live Real-Time Pitch Correction Plug-in. Featuring Antares’ world standard Auto-Tune professional pitch correction, Auto-Tune Live is a real-time tool for correcting pitch errors, creatively modifying the intonation of a performance or producing the iconic Auto-Tune Vocal Effect. Specifically optimized for use in live performance and when tracking in the studio, Auto-Tune Live features ultra-low latency and comprehensive real-time MIDI control of its key performance parameters for the ultimate in creative real-time pitch processing.

Key Auto-Tune Live Top Features

• Ultra low-latency performance for virtually instant response on stage or when tracking in the studio
• Real-time MIDI control of Auto-Tune Live’s key performance parameters
• MIDI control of target notes that lets users define target pitches in real-time during performance
• A Humanize function for the most natural and realistic pitch correction
• Natural vibrato control that allows the modification (in real time) of the depth of any vibrato that is present in the original performance
• Automatic formant correction and Antares’ unique Throat Modeling technology for unmatched creative control of vocal timbre
• Superior pitch tracking and correction with Antares’ second-generation Evo™ Voice Processing Technology

“With the trend to using Auto-Tune during tracking, we’ve been hearing from many of our professional Auto-Tune users that they’d really like a full-featured real-time Auto-Tune plug-in with minimal latency,” said Marco Alpert, Antares VP of Marketing. “With Auto-Tune Live, we’ve focused on meeting that need, as well as offering enhanced MIDI features for a new level of real-time performance control.”

Auto-Tune Live is available in RTAS, VST3 and Audio Unit versions for Macintosh and RTAS and VST3 for PC. The VST3 and Audio Unit versions are 64-bit compatible. Macintosh versions require an Intel processor. Antares Auto-Tune Live can be bought from the online store of Antares. The price is $249.00 and a demo version can be also download for free.

Source: Antares Audio Technologies Press Release


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