Echo Farm 3.0 – Classic Delay and other Echo Effects for Pro Tools

Echo Farm 3.0 - Classic Delay and other Echo Effects for Pro Tools

A legendary collection of vintage echo effects and delays, Echo Farm is back now as a 64-bit AAX native plug-in for Pro Tools 11 and higher.

The original Echo Farm plug-ins collection was a staple, found in studios throughout the world, and was heard on countless hit records. You can choose from 12 models based on* vintage hardware units, including Maestro® Echoplexes, Roland® RE-101 Space Echo®, Boss® DM-2, Electro-Harmonix® Memory Man, T.C. Electronic® 2290 and Line 6 originals. You can mix with the detailed sonic properties of tubes, tape and vintage electronics without spending a fortune on bulky outboard gear. Echo Farm left the UI completely unchanged, so you can experience the same familiar workflow that you know and love.

Echo Farm 3.0 Features

  • Choose from 12 models based on* legendary vintage echo units and Line 6 originals
  • Easily adjust parameters using the intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Control tape wow n’ flutter, filter-swept modulation, bit resolution and more
  • Settings and presets are 100% compatible with older Pro Tools sessions
  • Supports sample rates up to 192 kHz for pristine sound quality

Echo Farm 3.0 can be bought from Line 6 Online Store, here. The price is $199.00.


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