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FabFilter has released FabFilter Pro-DS De-Esser Plug-in

FabFilter has released FabFilter Pro-DS De-Esser Plug-in

FabFilter has released Pro-DS De-Esser Plug-in, their latest addition to professional effect plug-ins family. The new plug-in comes with a lot of functions for a De-esser and we mention here for example the look-ahead mode (up to 15 milliseconds) and the adjustable stereo linking. Linear phase split band processing is also available. More details and also the documentation for FabFilter Pro-DS De-Esser Plug-in, you can find on the online page of the product on the official site.

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FabFilter Pro-DS De-Esser Plug-in Top Features

# Intelligent ‘Single Vocal’ detection, and classic ‘Allround’ detection
# Transparent program-dependent compression/limiting
# Adjustable Threshold, Range and detection HP and LP filtering settings
# Wide Band or linear-phase Split Band processing
# Optional look-ahead time up to 15 ms
# Freely adjustable stereo linking
# Optional mid-only or side-only processing
# Up to four times linear-phase oversampling
# Real-time de-essing display, clearly showing the affected parts of processed audio
# Side-chain input meter, making it easy to choose a good Threshold value
# Real-time spectrum analyzer built into the HP/LP filter controller
# GPU-powered graphics acceleration
# High-quality 64-bit internal processing
# Double-click text entry of parameter values
# Large and compact interface sizes
# Stereo and mono plug-ins available
# Supports common Pro Tools hardware control surfaces
# MIDI Learn
# Undo/redo and A/B comparison
# Smart Parameter Interpolation
# Sample-accurate automation of all parameters
# Extensive help file with interactive help hints
# Available in AU, VST, VST 3, AAX and RTAS formats for Mac OS X and Windows

FabFilter Pro-DS is now available for EUR 149, USD 189 or GBP 124, supporting both Windows and Mac OS X in VST and VST 3, Audio Units, AAX, RTAS and AudioSuite plug-in formats. Bundles with FabFilter Pro-DS and other FabFilter Plug-ins are also available. See www.fabfilter.com/shop.

Source: FabFilter Press Release

FabFilter has released FabFilter Pro-DS De-Esser Plug-in

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