Grammy Award winner featured in new EZmix Pack


Toontrack Music released Peter Henderson EZmix Pack – a new expansion for the company’s widely popular multi-effe’ct mix tool EZmix 2. The pack comes with custom settings designed by Peter Henderson, who started his career training exclusively with engineer legend Geoff Emerick (The Beatles) at the AIR Studios in London, worked alongside producer Sir George Martin for numerous sessions, recorded multiple million-selling albums, won a Grammy for Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America” and managed to sustain a busy career ever since the early 1970s.

“I tried to create an EZmix Pack that reflects my experience having worked for many years in different studios throughout the world”, Peter says. And that pretty much sums up what this pack comes loaded with: 30 plus years of experience bottled in the shape of easy accessible presets that load Peter’s signature signal chains for a multitude of mix needs. Bass, guitar, lead vocals, strings, background vocals, drums – you name it.

What is EZmix 2?

EZmix 2 is a preset based multi-effect mixing tool that comes with guitar/bass amp/cab simulation presets as well as other ready-made audio processing signal chains for the most common mix needs and channels in a recording session. EZmix 2 is your new guitar amp, mix engineer and mastering suite, all rolled up in one convenient package!

Source: Toontrack Press Release


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