MellowMuse CP3V Vintage Compressor and CS1V Channel Saturator


New Plugins | MellowMuse CP3V Vintage Compressor and CS1V Channel Saturator

Mellow Muse has released two new VST PluginsCP3V Vintage Compressor and CS1V Channel Saturator in addition two their Vintage Family. The prices are $ 99 for CP3V Vintage Compressor and $59 for CS1V Channel Saturator. Both are made for Windows and Mac OS X and you can find them in VST, AU and RTAS formats on the official site of Mellow Muse.

MellowMuse CP3V Vintage Compressor

MellowMuse CP3V Vintage Compressor

The CP3V Vintage Compressor is Upgraded and Updated of CP2V Compressor from MellowMuse adding further flexibility with variable attack, release and ratio controls, and new compression and envelope detector algorithms.

Input drives the in-coming signal against the compressors fixed threshold. The Output control then brings up the level while progressively adding more saturation to the compressed signal. Fast attack times can be set as low as 0.01ms and release times 10 to 500ms. The four preset ratio settings allow compression to limiting levels of processing.

MellowMuse CP3V Vintage Compressor Top Features

• Multi stage analogue modeled compression
• Output driven saturation
• VU style compression metering
• Variable attack: 0.01 – 100 ms
• Variable release: 10 – 500 ms
• Ratios: 4:1, 8:1, 12:1 and 20:1
• 4x Oversampling
• 64 bit internal processing

CS1V Channel Saturator

CS1V Channel Saturator

CS1V is saturation plug-in that enables you to add the depth and colouration of an analogue console to your mix. Drive increases the amount of saturation, Tone adjusts the pre-amp character, darker and heavier in the low range anti-clockwise, and progressively brighter high end harmonic boost clockwise. The default “Channel” mode is for mono tracks. When used on stereo tracks or busses, the “Buss” setting can be used to add a subtle amount of crosstalk.

CS1V Channel Saturator Top Features

• Variable input drive and tone
• Grouping mode for global control
• Phase switch and bypass
• VU metering
• 4x oversampling for low aliasing
• 64 bit internal processing

Sources: MellowMuse.Com


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