Waldorf releases Lector Vocoder Plugin for Mac and PC


Waldorf releases Lector Vocoder Plugin for Mac and PC

Waldorf announces the immediate availability of their new Lector Vocoder plug-in for Mac/PC (VST/AU). Lector Vocoder features an integrated 16 voice synthesizer and a multi effects processor. Is is a virtual vocoder plug-in that it is based on well-known Q-Series Hardware Waldorf Vocoders. The announced price is $199.99.

You can use Lector’s 100 discrete bandpass filters for processing an external sound source or the signal from the on-board synthesizer – a 16-voice subtractive-style dual-oscillator design with a complement of essential analog waveforms, including sine, triangle, sawtooth, square/variable pulse width, sample and hold, and noise. In Waldorf Lector Vocoder is also supported user-loading of single and multi-samples. Also, Lector lets you the possibility of processing the signal with FM and ring modulation, three bands of equalization, and a variety of multi-effects, including tube overdrive, transistor distortion, hard clipping, six-voice chorus/flange, syncable stereo delay, and reverb.

Waldorf Multimode Resonant Filter with selectable 12dB/24dB slope is featured in new Waldorf Lector Vocoder which includes a “whitening” filter that “bleaches” the signal (by removing formant frequencies) before it is routed to the vocoder. This feature is very useful when you try to maintain intelligibility when processing choir and voice samples.

A fully option trial version of Waldorf Lector Vocoder is available for download on the official site. For a list of authorized Waldorf dealers in North America, please visit www.mvproaudio.com/dealers.html

Waldorf Lector Vocoder At a Glance

  • 3 to 100 band Vocoder
  • Adjustable range of Analysis Filter Bank
  • Adjustable offsets and LFO modulation of Synthesis Filter Bank
  • 3-band Equalizer with variable mid band
  • Individual Compressors for Speech and Carrier signal
  • Voiced / Unvoiced Detector
  • Overdrive (types Tube, Diode, Clip)
  • Stereo Chorus / Flanger, 2 to 6 stages
  • Stereo Delay, syncronizable
  • Reverb
  • Sidechain input (VST 3 and Audio Unit)
  • Carrier plug-in (VST 2)

Waldorf Lector Vocoder | 16-voice Synthesizer (per voice)

  • Polyphonic, Monophonic or Free-Running
  • 2 Oscillators, waveforms sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse with pulse width modulation, sample&hold, noise, single and multi sample playback
  • FM
  • Ring Modulation
  • Portamento / Glissando
  • 1 Filter, types Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass, Notch (12dB and 24dB), Whitening
  • 1 LFO, synchronizable, waveforms sine, triangle, sawtooth, square, sample&hold, noise
  • 2 AR envelopes

Source: Waldorf


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