Waves updates SoundGrid for Digico Consoles


Waves updates SoundGrid for Digico Consoles

Waves announces updated SoundGrid capability for consoles from  DiGiCo. The update, SoundGrid Version 2, features dual engine support for DiGiCo SD7 consoles running Waves V8 plugins.

Since Waves and DiGiCo formed a strategic alliance in 2010, DiGiCo users are able to run Waves’ award-winning reverbs, equalizers, compressors, limiters, delays and more, directly from their DiGiCo SD series consoles. Perfect for front-of-house, monitor, broadcast, and theater applications alike, SoundGrid gives users instant  access to the industry’s leading audio processors, directly from the  industry’s leading consoles. And to make things even simpler, Waves SoundGrid-compatible plugins come pre-loaded into DiGiCo consoles, eliminating the need to install.

Waves SoundGrid/DiGiCo V2 Top Features

# Full SD7 dual engine support
# Waves V8 plugin support (SD7, SD10 & SD11)
# Offline session preparation
# Remote control over Ethernet for all mixing parameters
# Extremely low latency operation
# Touch & turn plugin control
# Total snapshot integration
# Redundancy and Recovery via SoundGrid
# Pre-loaded with Waves SoundGrid-compatible plugins
# 16 stereo processing Racks | 8 plugins per Rack | All32 I/Os additional to standard console configuration (SD8, SD9,  SD10 & SD11)
# 32 stereo processing Racks | 8 simultaneous plugins per Rack | All 64 I/Os additional to standard console configuration (SD7)

For more details check the official sites of Waves and Digico.

Source: Waves Press Release


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