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New Music Samples Libraries | Big Fish Audio Soul Power

New Music Samples Libraries | Big Fish Audio Soul PowerNew library from Big Fish Audio, Soul Power captures the classic soul sound of 70s. Influences ar obvious … James brown and JBs. Soul Power features 12 construction kits with live drums, bass, guitars, congas and soul horn section performed by Funk/Soul brothers. All material for this new compilation was recorded dry so music producers and composer can add effects to fit to their musical preferences.

Big Fish Audio Soul Power Details

- 2.68 GB of total content (1.06 GB of acidized WAV content)
- 12 Powerful Soul construction kits
- 369 acidized WAVs
- 369 Apple loops
- 357 REX2 loops

Big Fish Audio Soul Power is compatible with Acid, Adobe Audition, Akai MPC4000, Battery, Cubase, Digital Performer, Drumcore, FL Studio, GarageBand, Live, Logic, Nuendo, ProTools, Reaper, Reason, Record, RMX, SampleTank, Sonar, Studio One .

YouTube Preview Image

Listen online Big Fish Audio Soul Power Demo on the Official You Tube Account of Audio Pro News.

The price for Big Fish Audio Soul Power is $69.95. You can buy this online on the official site.

Source: Big Fish Audio

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