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Soundtrack Loops Announces Techno Structures Loops & Samples

Soundtrack Loops Announces Techno Structures Loops & Samples

Soundtrack Loops announces Pulsed Records Techno Structures Loops & Samples. Techno Structures is a collection of loops and samples for producing Tech House, Techno, and Minimal dance music.

Techno Structures combines hard hitting Basses with techno components, phat Pads and melodic Keys. Each loop is formated and enhanced by the Soundtrack Loops sound design team to assure you quality and ease of use. Available in Ableton Live, ACIDized .WAV, Apple Looped .AIFF and Recyled RX2. 16bit 44k Stereo Audio.

Techno Structures Loops & Samples Contents:

# 30 Synth Loops
# 47 Percussion Loops
# 8 Pad Loops
# 12 FX Loops
# 18 Mixed Beat Loops
# 24 Mixed Demo Loops
# 20 Bass Loops
# 165 Loops total 16bit 44k Audio

Download price is $24.95. More details you can find on the product page on the official site.

Soundtrack Loops Announces Techno Structures Loops & Samples

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