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Steinberg New Releases | Dark Planet VST Sound Instrument Set

Steinberg New Releases | Dark Planet VST Sound Instrument Set

Dark Planet is the new VST Sound Instrument Set launched by Steinberg. It is loaded with hundreds of creepy sounds, shattering loops and eerie instruments including leads, basses, drums or effects. Steinberg’s Dark Planet VST Sound Instrument Set is suitable for cinematic scores and also for industrial music productions or dark ambient tracks. The integrated MorphFilter and the onboard effects offer everything needed to add spine-tingling ingredients to your productions and fuel your fantasies with the gloom of the Dark Planet.

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Dark Planet VST Sound Instrument Set Top Features

  • More than 800 presets with loops and instruments, including basses, leads, pads, drums, percussions and effects and over 2GB of uncompressed samples
  • Integrated MorphFilter for exceptional sound manipulations
  • Intuitive HALion Macro Page for instant access to all major parameters
  • Windows and Mac installer included

Dark Planet VST Sound Instrument Set Compatibility

  • Cubase 6
  • Cubase Artist 6
  • Cubase Elements
  • Halion 4 (Version 4.5.2 or higher than this)
  • Halion Sonic (Version 1.6 or higher)
  • Sequel
  • Nuendo 5 Nek

The price for is EUR 42.01. More details you can find directly on the official site.

Steinberg New Releases | Dark Planet VST Sound Instrument Set

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