Time+Space announce the arrival of Boom Library to their Download Store


Time+Space announce the arrival of Boom Library to their Download Store

When sound effects libraries are created by people who work for the biggest European game audio studio you can be sure they’re going to be the ultimate in high end samples … and that’s exactly what Boom Library is all about.

Boom Library was established in 2010 by a couple of award winning audio guys from Dynamedion Studios in Germany to provide media and audio professionals high quality and unique sound effects for their productions. The company currently has a product line of five types of libraries, all of which are available to download now from Time+Space.

Most of the libraries in the collection are available as two separate products – ‘Construction Kit‘ which consist of thousands of plain source recordings for users looking to create their own unique sounds, and ‘Designed’ which deliver highly usable demos that represent what is possible to create with the source files – great for composers looking for a quick solution for their music.

These are available separately or as great value bundles and all included sounds are supplied as Wav files.

The products

Cinematic Trailers |  Unique recordings with a live orchestra, a big taiko drum band and by smashing, colliding, destroying and setting fire to all kinds of objects.

Creatures | Numerous sets of outstandingly evil creatures, from huge and rumbling beasts, through to tiny nasty insects and slippery zombies.

Cinematic Metal |  From deep booms and high sweeteners, to huge cinematic impact and epic crashes.

Guns | 17 rifles, pistols and shotguns, 4 shots each in 4 different style sets (light, crispy, realistic, larger than life).

Wildcats |  Growls, sniffs, snarls, mating calls, moans and incredible roars courtesy of lions and tigers.

View all products now on TimeSpace Website

To find out more about Boom Library and what makes them different to other sound effect libraries, read our interview with co-founder Pierre Langer on the TimeSpace Blog.

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