Ableton Live 8.4 comes and introduces 64-Bit Support

Ableton Live 8.4

Ableton has announced today the immediat availability of version 8.4 of Ableton Live which comes with a native 64-bit support.  The registered users of Ableton Live 8, Suite 8, Live Intro or Live Lite 8 can download the beta version form the official site.

Live 8.4 Beta Download Link

The terms 32-bit and 64-bit refer to how much of your computer’s memory (RAM) can be used by applications. The 32-bit version of Live (like all 32-bit applications) can use up to four gigabytes of RAM, which means that it may not be possible to use very large sample collections or very memory-hungry plug-ins.

In contrast, the 64-bit version of Live can use a theoretical maximum of 16 exabytes of RAM – much more RAM than computers actually have. This means you can work with Live Sets (natively, with third-party plug-ins, and in ReWire configurations) that are much larger and more memory intensive than in the 32-bit version. You are no longer restricted by the 32-bit memory limit; only by how much RAM you have installed in your computer.

Ableton Live 8.4 Beta FAQ

What are the limitations of the 64-bit version of Live?

The 64-bit version of Live 8 will not support Max for Live, video, or The Bridge. Ableton are currently working with our partners to add support for these features.

Can I use my third-party plug-ins with the 64-bit version of Live?

All 64-bit plug-ins can be used in the 64-bit version. 32-bit plug-ins cannot be used directly in the 64-bit version, but there are third-party tools (such as jBridge) that will allow 32-bit VST plug-ins to be used within the 64-bit version.

Can I use ReWire with the 64-bit version of Live?

Yes, ReWire (with Live as either master or slave) works properly, but can only be used when ReWired to another application that is also 64-bit.

What are the limitations when using The Bridge with the 64-bit version of Live?

When using the 64-bit version of Live, it is not possible to use Serato Scratch Live for real-time control of your Ableton Live Set. Sets cannot be loaded or synced to a deck in Scratch Live, and Live’s clips and tracks will not appear in Scratch Live.

Serato mixes saved in .als (Ableton Live Set) format can still be opened in the 64-bit version of Live and will work as expected.

Will my old Live Sets, Live Clips, and device presets still work in the 64-bit version of Live?

Live documents made in 32-bit versions of Live will work properly in the 64-bit version of Live, and vice versa. If the Live Sets use features which are not available in the 64-bit version, those features will be limited or disabled as described below:

# Max for Live – the Live document will load and play, but the Max devices will behave as if they were bypassed.
# Video – the Live document will load and play but clips containing video will behave as if the referenced video file is missing.
# Plug-ins – Live documents that were created using 32-bit versions of plug-ins will work normally, but only if 64-bit versions of the same plug-ins are installed.

The release version of Live 8.4 will be available later, as a free update for registered Live 8, Suite 8, Live Intro or Live Lite 8 users.

Source: Ableton Press Release

Ableton Live 8.4 comes and introduces 64-Bit Support

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