Mobile Apps – Audio Engineer for iPhone, iPad and iPod by Refined Stochastic Technology


Audio Engineer Mobile App is a useful collection of studio calculators and reference materials for use in the Audio / Music Recording and Production ProcessesAudio Engineer Mobile App by Refined Stochastic Technology can be used by seasoned acousticians, amateur music enthusiasts and audio engineering students. Technical consultation is provided by Michael Stavrou (author of the audio engineering book “Mixing With Your Mind” – MixingWithYourMind.Com) and James Englund (music producer at Crash Symphony Productions based in Sydney).

Audio Engineer by Refined Stochastic Technology Reference Part

The reference section contains a series of photos of different miking techniques. It contains examples for the following:

# Fundamentals (A-B, Blumlein, M-S and X-Y)
# Acoustic Guitar
# Amplifiers (Guitar and Bass)
# Drums & Percussion
# Piano
# Harpsichord
# Vocals
# Saxophone
# Strings (Violin, Cello, Mandolin and Ukelele)

The photos demonstrate different methods of recording the above instruments with brief descriptions of each technique. This is perfect for students who have just entered the field of audio engineering and even useful to experienced engineers.

Audio Engineer by Refined Stochastic Technology Calculators

# BPM – Time – This gives the relative delay times in milliseconds for a specified tempo. It is useful for non-grid recorded music that requires time based delay. It also can be used to set accurate release times for compression units.

# Note – Frequency – Find the frequency of any specified midi note. One example of usage would be to cut out a particular prominent note by EQing based on the frequency correlating to the offending note.

# Sample Rate – This calculator provides tempo and pitch shift for a change from one sample rate to another.

# Scale Frequency Chart – Provides a listing of frequencies for any given major or minor scale. Useful for harmonic mixing and cutting/boosting consonant and dissonant frequencies.

# Distance – Time – Deals with the related variables of distance, time and temperature. Helpful for live situations as well as studio applications where wavelength and phase concerns are prominent.

# Dynamics – An educational tool for understanding the concepts of compression and expansion. It gives a graphical output based on the variables of the compression unit.

# Room Modes – Provides a graphical and tabular output showing the standing waveforms in a room of any given three dimensions. Helpful for treating an acoustic space and understanding the acoustic properties of any given mixing space.

The price for Audio Engineer Mobile App is $7.99. You can find Audio Engineer Mobile App and also more information about it on iTunes Store here.


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