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Native Instruments Studio Drummer

Included also in the recently launched bundle Komplete 8 and Komplete 8 Ultimate, Native Instruments Studio Drummer is the perfect virtualization of a drummer in the software’s reality, with everything you need to create realistic acoustic drum tracks … top-of-the-line drum kits, detailed mixing options, and a ready-to-go groove library, packed with authentic beats of all colors and flavors. Thanks to more than 3,500 authentic grooves, Native Instruments Studio Drummer makes it easy for anyone to produce lifelike, dynamic drum tracks. And the on-board mixer and powerful effects deliver enough usability, versatility and tweakability to meet the demands of eclectic modern producers.

Watch online Native Instruments Studio Drummer Video Presentation, on the official You Tube Account of Native Instruments.

Native Instruments Studio Drummer | The Dums

Native Instruments Studio Drummer provides three top-of-the-range kits from leading manufacturers, each with a set of four premium cymbals, a choice of two snares and a selection of percussion. The cymbals and snares were carefully chosen to complement the character sound of the kits so whichever snare you’re using, the kits are nicely coherent. With a range of articulations, up to 25 different velocity levels and up to six alternative samples per hit, these drums deliver authentic sound and a vivid, responsive feel – high-end drums for a wide range of styles and genres.


A Pearl Masters Premium Maple kit with a big monster sound for rock and metal.

Kick: 22″ x 18″ Pearl Masters Premium Maple Bass Drum
Snare 1: 14″ x 7″ Sonor Hilite Maple Snare
Snare 2: 14″ x 8″ Masshoff Drums Big Chief Steel Cast Snare
Hi-hat: 15″ Masterwork Jazz Master Hi-hat
Toms: Pearl Masters Premium Maple Toms
Crash 1: 18″ Masterwork Custom Crash
Crash 2: 20″ Masterwork Custom Crash
Ride: 22″ Masterwork Jazz Master Ride
China: 18″ Sabian HHX Chinese
Splash: 10″ Zildjian K Splash
Percussion: Tambourine, sticks, cowbell and handclaps


A Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute kit with a versatile, neutral, studio sound — ideal for pop, country or anything else.

Kick: 22″ x 16″ Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Bass Drum
Snare 1: 14″ x 6.5″ Masshoff Drums Avalon Steel Cast Snare
Snare 2: 13″ x 5″ Mapex Black Panther Maple Snare
Hi-hat: 15″ Masterwork Iris Hi-hat
Toms: Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Toms
Crash 1: 17″ Masterwork Iris Crash
Crash 2: 18″ Masterwork Iris Crash
Ride: 20″ Masterwork Custom Pointer Ride
China: 20″ Masterwork Iris China
Splash: 10″ Masterwork Iris Splash
Percussion: Tambourine, sticks, cowbell and handclaps


A Sonor SQ2 Drum System with a surly, aggressive edge for blues, alternative rock and much more.

Kick: 22″ x 20″ Sonor SQ2 Drum System Bass Drum
Snare 1: 14″ x 5.5″ Masshoff Drums Poinciana Steel Cast Snare
Snare 2: 14″ x 6.5″ Ludwig Classic Maple Snare
Hi-hat: 16″ Paiste Twenty Medium Light Hi-hat
Toms: Sonor SQ2 Drum System Toms
Crash 1: 16″ Paiste Dark Energy Crash
Crash 2: 18″ Paiste Dark Energy Crash
Ride: 22″ Masterwork Natural Ride
China: 18″ Masterwork Resonant China
Splash: 9″ Masterwork Resonant Splash
Percussion: Tambourine, sticks, cowbell and handclaps

Native Instruments Studio Drummer | The Studio

The mixer section in Native Instruments Studio Drummer provides ultra-precise control over the mic levels on each drum, plus overheads, stereo room mics and a mono mic on the entire kit to pull things together. The mix presets put pro sound just a click away, and provide a perfect starting point for detailed tweaking. Each snare provides faders for top and bottom mic, plus adjustable bleed level. Here, ‘bleed’ refers to how the rest of the kit rattles the snare wires – raise the bleed level for more realism. On the kick, adjust the level of the inside and outside mics, plus an additional ‘sub’ fader, to get the perfect amount of click vs. boom. Each drum has its own effect chain with a selection of routing options. Native Instruments Studio Drummer uses top-grade effects from the SOLID MIX SERIES, including the SOLID G-EQ. This recreates a classic studio channel strip – a uniquely musical 4-band EQ with switchable fixed-bell curves on the low and high bands, plus adjustable Q settings on the midrange. Also available as a fully-fledged product in its own right, this virtual reproduction of a legendary compressor adds presence and drive to your drums without blurring the detail. And it’s not just for bus compression – the SOLID BUS COMP is available on each of the mixer tracks in Native Instruments Studio Drummer.

Another premium-grade effect, also available separately – the TRANSIENT MASTER is an incredibly musical and versatile tool for re-shaping sounds. Emphasize attack to make a drum hit harder, or shorten the resonance tail of a drum that rings too long. Bring drums to the front of the mix or smooth out spiky drums without touching the levels. Like all the others, this effect is provided on each individual mixer track. By simulating the natural, harmonic compression of analog tape, the Tape Saturator adds a pleasing warmth to your sound. And pushed a little harder, it delivers a smooth, organic overdrive.  The drums were recorded in perfect acoustic conditions, and the overhead and room mic options on the mixer provide tight control over the room sound. But Native Instruments Studio Drummer goes one step further, with an integrated Convolution Reverb – 30 high-end impulse responses ranging from small rooms to big halls, for extra space and depth on your drums.

Native Instruments Studio Drummer | The Drummer

Native Instruments Studio Drummer gives you a personal session drummer in the form of the groove library. It contains over 3,500 grooves for pop, rock, funk, jazz, indie, metal, ballads, blues or country, with a choice of fills and variations for each groove. Especially if you’re not a drummer, using grooves is a quick and efficient way to produce authentic-sounding drum tracks. All patterns were played live by pro drummers for organic, physical authenticity. This is important because if you’re after a natural sound, you have to be aware of the real-life physical constraints of real drummers. Hit the crash, snare and floor tom all at the same time? No way.

Played grooves also possess an inherent feel and character, which is difficult to recreate with a mouse or the little drum pads on your keyboard. When you’re working on a song, browse through the grooves to find the right beat for your track. When you’ve got the groove you need, just drag-and-drop it into your sequencer to create a new MIDI pattern – which you can now fine-tune in any way you want. Native Instruments Studio Drummer gives you two ways to customize grooves: As mentioned above you can tweak the MIDI pattern in your sequencer, or you can use the on-board customizing features: The Tightness control lets you adjust the feel of each groove in real time, from gridded precision to enigmatic slack. The Swing control adds swing, changing a straight rock beat into a loping shuffle at the twist of a dial.

Native Instruments Studio Drummer includes mapping templates for instant use with E-DRUMS and other Drum Modules / software:

General MIDI
V-Drums TD-12/20 / V-Drums TD-3/6/8*
DrumIt Five
Superior Drummer
Addictive Drums

If you’ve made grooves in your sequencer with these plug-ins, you can play them back in Native Instruments Studio Drummer – Just select the mapping preset from the Drum Page.

Native Instruments Studio Drummer will be available from september 1st. You can preorder it now on the Native Instruments Site. The price is 149,00 €. More details you can find on the product page on Native Instruments Site.

Source: Native Instruments Press Release


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