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Sound Forge Pro Mac was released

Sound Forge Pro Mac was released | Download Free Trial of Sound Forge Pro Mac

Sony Creative Software announces that Sound Forge Pro, their most known and most used software, the industry-defining audio editor is now available for Mac. For this, Sony Creative Software has rewritten all things from the ground up.

Built on a clean slate for OS X, Sound Forge™ Pro Mac provides a contemporary application environment that’s perfect for recording, editing, processing, and rendering broadcast-quality audio master files. A fresh statement on audio editing software, Sound Forge Pro Mac includes a comprehensive suite of mastering, restoration, and repair tools for immediate results.

Focused editing

Finally on the Mac, an audio editing application designed exclusively for OS X with a workflow that can keep up with your creative flow. Configurable viewing panels allow you to toggle to any project view you need in seconds — see everything at once or toggle your view to see only the features you want, when you want. Easily navigate the entire interface and work quickly, even on laptops.

High-fidelity recording

Assigning hardware, metering input signals, arming tracks, and recording high-resolution multichannel audio is a simple and fluid process in Sound Forge Pro Mac. Route your inputs, position the Record tool anywhere in the user interface, click Record, and bring pristine audio into your computer — up to 32 simultaneous channels at 64-bit/192 kHz resolution.

Signal and effects processing

Enjoy a full range of native processes including fade, flip, mute, normalize, and reverse. Process audio using repair tools from iZotope, and time/pitch modification algorithms from Zplane™. Easily access your plug-in collection for offline and nondestructive processing.

A one-stop audio mastering solution

Enjoy instant access to everything you need to prepare, process, and render finished audio master files. Sound Forge Pro Mac includes iZotope’s Mastering and Repair Suite of high-end processing plug-ins that you can use right away by simply dropping them into the application’s Plug-In Chain tool.

YouTube Preview Image

Technical specifications


# iZotope™ 64-bit SRC™ (sample rate conversion)
# iZotope MBIT+™ Dither (bit depth conversion)
# Volume
# Mute
# Normalize
# Mix
# Reverse
# Fade In / Fade Out (five curve types)
# Insert Silence
# Channel Converter
# Invert/Flip


# Mastering Effects Bundle plug-ins, powered by iZotope:
### EQ
### Multiband Compressor
### Exciter
### Imager
### Limiter
### Reverb

# Restore and Repair Tools plug-ins powered by iZotope:
### Declicker
### Denoiser
### Declipper

# Zplane™ élastique Pro timestretch and pitch shift plug-in
# AU plug-in support
# VST plug-in support
# Real-time effects previewing


# File Properties
# Media Browser
# Meters
# Plug-In Chain
# Plug-In Chooser
# Record
# Regions List
# Statistics
# Summary Information


# Time mode
# Event mode
# Pencil mode
# Envelope mode
# Metadata
# Multichannel file editing and processing
# Offline signal and effects processing
# Nondestructive signal and effects processing


# Supports up to 64-bit, 192 kHz, 32-channel audio
# Multichannel audio recording
# ASIO driver support
# Audio threshold record triggering
# Synthesis (simple waveforms and noise)

Timing basis

# Absolute Frames
# Samples, Time, Seconds
# SMPTE Drop/Non-Drop
# SMPTE EBU/Film Sync
# Time and Frames
# Audio CD Time


# Peak

Supported file formats

# Opens: 3G2*, 3GP*, AAC*, AIF*, CAF*, M4A, MP3, MP4*, SND*, W64*, WAV*

# Saves: 3G2*, 3GP*, AAC*, AIF*, AMR, CAF*, M4A, MP3, MP4*, SDII, SND*, W64*, WAV*

*Supported multichannel format

The announced price are US $299.95 for Sound Forge Pro Mac (Packaged) and US $269.95 for Sound Forge Pro Mac (Download). You can buy directly on the official site. Also you can download fro free a trial of Sound Forge Pro Mac, here.

Source: Sony Creative Software Press Release

Sound Forge Pro Mac was released | Download Free Trial of Sound Forge Pro Mac

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