Ibanez and Paul Gilbert announces the Fireman FRM100TR Guitar


Ibanez and Paul Gilbert Fireman FRM100TR Guitar

Ibanez and Paul Gilbert introduces a new signature model electric guitar. After PGMFRM1, PGM401, PGM300RE, PGM100RE, they release Fireman FRM100TR Guitar … inspired by many hours of playing and performance by Paul Gilbert with the original Ibanez Fireman model.

“Burning tones scream out of this guitar! The FRM100TR is more shocking proof that Ibanez listens to what guitar players want. In this case, the guitarist was ME. It all started when I flipped their Iceman body upside down, renamed it the Fireman, and created a guitar that looks like an electric brontosaurus. I demanded a beefy set-neck and a Tight-Tune bridge for maximum sustain and solid feel. Big, natural tones come from the DiMarzio Injector pickups on the outside and an Area 67 in the middle. I chose tall frets to make bending and vibrato easy and the intonation accurate. The knobs are out of the way, so I don’t bump into them when I attack the strings. And most importantly, the Fireman inspires me to play all the time. You know what to do. Pick one up and rock!”

More specs about Fireman FRM100TR Guitar you can easily find on the official site. The current retail price for this new toy is around $899.99.


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