Earthworks announces WL40V Wireless Vocal Microphone Capsule


Earthworks WL40V Wireless Vocal Microphone Capsule

At the 131st AES Convention of this year many good things will happened. Earthworks will be there, at New York, and, which it is most important , will present their first ever wireless product, the WL40V Wireless Vocal Microphone Capsule.

Earthworks WL40V is a reworked version in wireless capsule form of the SR40V Vocal Microphone released earlier this year. Designed to maintain the same signature sound as its wired counterpart, the WL40V comes with a detailed and realistic vocal sound that requires little to no EQ. Its textbook perfect hypercardioid polar pattern and extended flat frequency response translate to a natural on- and off-axis performance coupled with benchmark levels of clarity and detail.

The wireless capsule is interchangeable with any screw-on-type handheld transmitters that receive a 31.3mm/pitch 1.0mm threading, such as those from Lectrosonics, Line 6 and Shure.

Earthworks WL40V will be available through authorized Earthworks dealers Q1 2012, and like all Earthworks microphones, will come with a 15 year warranty.

Source: EarthWorksAudio Press Release


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