Minisonic Mic Kit from Lindos – The Basic Need and More for Professional Audio Recording


Last year, in december, Lindos has launched a new microphone, preamp and the accesories for use in music video production and also music recording. They put all of these together in MiniSonic Mic Kit. This kit brings together two high-quality miniature microphones with a matching stereo preamplifier and accessories. Compact and affordable, the Minisonic Mic Kit the basic need for musicians and home movie makers as well as professional studios for audio recording process.

Kit Contents: 1 x MP1 Microphone Preamp, supplied with battery. / 2 x High-quality microphone, 3m black microphone cable (kevlar coated wire for extra strength), gold plated 3.5mm jack. Supplied on a plastic MicTidy – no more tangled cables. / 2 x Aluminium mic holder for attaching the microphones to a conventional mic stand. With custom made foam inserts at each end that cushion the mic against vibrations and grip the cable. / 1 x 90mm dual-layered pop-shield that clips onto the mic holder. Effectively removes plosives and sibilants whilst maintaining transparancy on tones. Extremely neat design for minimal intrusion on video shots. / 1 x Lapel clip for reports and interviews as well as attaching a mic to difficult places like inside an acoustic guitar or onto a violin or saxophone. / 1 x Belt clip for attaching the MP1 to a belt. Use this while out and about filming, on a location shoot and operating a boom or just need more feedom to move around while performing. Supplied with screws. / 1 x Terry clips for attaching the preamp to a microphone stand or tripod. Supplied with screws. / 2 x Windshields that stop wind noise effectively without colouring the sound. Far more effective than using EQ on the bass.

The MM4 Microphone

Based on Lindos MM3 measurement microphone the MM4 is a calibrated omni-directional electret microphone that captures sound with clarity and precision. Though tiny it offers the ultimate in performance for two important reasons:

# It has a small, lightweight diaphragm allowing it to pickup high frequencies accurately.
# It has no surfaces or cavities to give reflections or resonances that cause colouring of the sound.

All Lindos microphones are calibrated to ±0.5dB meaning that every mic is well matched to every other mic. This allows for accurate A-B stereo recording by spacing the microphones on mic stands using the mic holders (included with the kit). The MM4 Microphone is ideal for recording bands.

The MP1 Microphone Preamplifier

Working with our miniature microphones, the MP1 Microphone Preamplifier serves three vital purposes:

# It boosts the signal from the microphones
# It allows you to control the gain, so you can record both loud and quiet sounds without noise or distortion
# It powers the microphones

The preamplifier boosts the signal straight after it leaves the microphones, reducing its susceptibility to interference. The two slide switches on the left provide gain control in 10dB steps. The scale indicates the maximum sound pressure level at the microphone before clipping occurs in the preamp. If the preamp clips the clipping light turns on indicating that you need to change range.

The microphone inputs on cameras, computers and other devices usually provide 3V power through a load resistor which compromises performance. Lindos MP1 Microphone preamp feeds 5V power and the load resistor is placed inside the microphones. This allows high-level and distortion performance to be optimised for each individual mic. It also allows for the precision calibration of each microphone. This ensures that every mic is well matched to every other mic, which is important for stereo recording.

The output from the preamplifier is balanced and at a professional line level (+18dBu max – EBU recommendation) ensuring a clean and robust signal into your audio device.

The MP1 Microphone Preamplifier Top Features

# Stereo microphone inputs
# Balanced line-level output on a single UniSon connector (fewer cables)
# Independent left- and right-channel gain selection (+40dB, +30dB,  +20dB)
# Easy-to-access PP3 battery compartment (battery included)
# External power from PSU or via the D-type connector
# Clear three-stage battery indication
# Overload (or clip) indicator on each channel
# Fixing points for 1/4″ hot shoe adapter, stand and belt clips
# Tactile switches
# Solid aluminium case

Source: Lindos Electronics


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