Recording and Mixing Techniques for Vocal Recording


Properly voice recording is one of the most important factor of audio and music production. And even if all of your other sounds are “created” for human voice recording you will still need a good microphone and a good technique in placing this and set up for an accurate record session.

During the webinar Recording and Mixing Techniques for Vocal Recording, you will learn tips and techniques for accurately capturing vocals, from how to choose the best mic for the vocalist and style of music from a range of dynamic, ribbon, and condenser microphones. You’ll also learn how minute changes in mic position, proper orientation of the artist and gear in the studio and building a great cue mix can make the difference between amateur and pro results. Anyone who records music or the spoken voice, from budding home recordists to professional engineers, will take away something valuable from this webinar.

Join Mix, Pro Sound News, Pro Audio Review and Shure on Tuesday, May 17th for this free webinar – Recording and Mixing Techniques for Vocal Recording.

Sources: ProSound News, ProAudio News, Shure Newsletters


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