Moog Synth Google Doodle to mark 78th birth anniversary of Robert Arthur “Bob” Moog


Google is making a facelift to his famous search engine every time there is something very important to commemorate. Today he celebrates Robert Arthur “Bob” Moog to mark the 78th birth anniversary. And for this, Google has come out with an interactive doodle on its homepage today.

The Moog Synth Google Doodle comes with 24 keys keyboard and 21 knobs for modulation, mix, oscillator and filter. And you can also record what you “play” 🙂 on a virtual multitrack and you can share your creation on Google+.

The Moog Synth Google Doodle is using the HTML5 Web Audio API (on Google Chrome at least) and it was created using Javascript, Closure Libraries and CSS3 by Reinaldo Aguiar, Rui Lopez and Ryan Germick.

Robert Arthur “Bob” Moog was born on May 23th 1934 and died in August 2005. It is the founder of Moog Music, and the inventor of the Moog Synthesizers. For this community there are not many things to say about these top solutions in music production. From Beatles or Rolling Stones to fat Boy Slim or Black Eyed Peas or even Pitbull, many musicians and engineers have included at least one Moog Synth in their productions. Moog Music continues Bob Moog legacy. MoogMusic.Com is the official site for more info.

Update: For all of you who want to play “Moog Synth” Doodle from Google after May 23rd, it will be available on the online Doodles Museums.


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