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Press Release | Harrison Consoles 950m Analog

Directly from Nashville Tennessee facilities we have a new member of Harrison Consoles family – 950m Analog Console. Below you can read the official press release and more details you can find on the official site.

Harrison Consoles 950m Analog

Harrison Consoles 950m Analog

After a decade focusing on digital consoles, Harrison presents a new pure-analog console for music capture and mixdown: the Harrison 950m Analog Console.  The 950m incorporates nearly 40 years of analog innovations and refinement starting with the 32-Series in 1975 and continuing through the 80s, 90s, and into the 2000′s.  The  feature set of the 950m is geared to meet the unique requirements of a DAW-based studio.  It provides all the features necessary to link professionals on both sides of the control room window while delivering the “classic sound” so often sought.

The 950m’s analog circuitry draws directly from Harrison’s legendary musical heritage. The new console incorporates a massive linear power supply, robust ground plane design, all balanced connections, gold-plated switches, through-hole components, and high-headroom summing busses.

Two separate mix busses (one Transformer-balanced and one Electronically-balanced) – both with built-in compressors and patch inserts – allow for flexible tone-shaping.  For each input strip, a choice of Mono Mic/Line or Stereo Line module is available.  Customer-configured modular construction allows the 950m to operate as a tracking studio front-end, or an analog summing platform, or both simultaneously.

Input modules provide an Insert point, Switchable HP/LP filters, 3-band Tone controls, Pan/Balance, Trim, Input switching, 4 Mono Aux sends, Mute, Solo, 104mm Fader, and 4-segment Meter.  Microphone channels also have a 48v phantom-power switch and a post-fader Direct Output.  The Mix Master module includes 2 Stereo Mix Bus compressors, Oscillator/Talkback Assignments, Aux Send Masters, and 104mm faders for each of the two stereo Mix Busses.  The Monitor module includes the Oscillator controls (100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz), Monitor source selection, Monitor Level/Mute/Mono, Talkback, and Headphone jack.  The Studio module includes source Selection/Level/Mute/Mono for each of the 2 studio feeds, as well as Talkback assignments.  The Output module houses the output transformers and 2 stereo Mix Bus VU output meters.

A quality analog mixing console is a significant long-term investment for any studio, and it is important to choose wisely.  Engineers at Harrison “cherry picked” the most reliable, best sounding analog components from their most successful consoles – many of which are still in daily use decades later.  Accommodation is made for future expansion options via modular construction and fader VCA bus connections.

For today’s DAW studio, Harrison designed a frame providing a deep 2-tiered front bolster to accommodate a keyboard, mouse, and DAW controller.  The straightforward controls on the 950m provide the necessary analog sweetening circuits while remaining easy to recall.  The 950m is offered as a stand-alone console or paired with Harrison’s premium console converters, providing a practically unlimited number of I/O – using either MADI or gigabit Ethernet.

Key features of the Harrison 950m include:

* Professional-quality modular design
* Mono and stereo input modules
* HP/LP filters, Tone controls, and 4 Aux Sends
* 2 separate Mix Buses with built-in compressors
* “Red” Transformer-balanced Mix Bus
* “Black” Electronically-balanced Mix Bus
* 2 Studio feeds with Talkback
* Separate Linear Power Supply
* DAW-friendly desktop frame

Sources: Harrison Consoles

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