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Free Webinar | Mixing the Band with Universal Audio’s UAD-2 Satellite and the UAD Powered Plug-ins Library

Mixing the Band with Universal Audio's UAD-2 Satellite and the UAD Powered Plug-ins Library

With the power now offered by laptops and native DAWs, mixing can take place anywhere these days, from the accurate acoustic spaces within a top-flight studio or on the tour bus between gigs. But to get beyond the “rough mixes” when working in the box, an engineer needs processing and plug-ins. No way around it.

In this special webcast, produced by Mix and presented by Universal Audio, Mix technical editor Kevin Becka will host a panel of recording engineers including: Joe Chiccarelli (U2, The White Stripes, The Killers); Michael Brauer (John Mayer, Coldplay, The Rolling Stones) and Ryan West (Eminem, Kid Cudi, Kanye West). The panelists will discuss a range of plug-in centric topics including tips, techniques, workflow and how to manage your DAW’s resources for the best outcome.

After the presentation, there will be a live Q&A, straight to your desktop where audience members can ask Becka, our special guest engineers and a representative from Universal Audio directly about the experience. If you’re looking to tune up your music production skills, come join us for this special webcast, Mixing the Band, and learn how to make your recordings sound like the pros.

Topics covered by the webcast will include:

1. Preparing tracks for the mix
2. Mixing guitar, bass, drums, piano, loops, synth, brass and vocals
3. Proper plug-in choice and order of placement on the channel
4. EQ tips
5. Parallel vs 100% compression
6. Managing DSP resources
7. Setup of time-based processors for various styles of music
8. Proper gain structure when using multiple plug-ins
9. Automating plug-in parameters

Who Should Attend:

• Music Producers and Engineers
• Live Sound Engineers
• House of Worship Engineers
• Musicians
• Commercial Studio Owners
• Home Studio Owners
• Educators/Students

Join Mix and Universal Audio on September 29th at 2:00 PM EST for this FREE webinar. You can register for Free Webinar | Mixing the Band with Universal Audio’s UAD-2 Satellite and the UAD Powered Plug-ins Library here. Registering for the webcast enters you in a raffle for a UAD-2 Satellite DUO FireWire DSP Accelerator.

Source: Mix Magazine Newsletter

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