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Future Copyright | Take control of your copyright from creation to license

Future Copyright | Take control of your copyright from creation to license

Future Copyright proposes a very easy, very useful and also very clever web-based system for you to take control of your copyright from creation to license. And the best thing is that it’s free.

Future Copyright is used by musicians, designers, actors, film makers, inventors, writers, journalists, teachers, cartoonists, biographers, programmers, architects etc – to copyright and protect their creative works.

Only thing you have to do is to ‘click to copyright’ and the system uses some neat internal magic to make the work totally indelible, providing all the evidence needed to prove the work is yours. Not only that, you can fully access a complete record of your copyright evidenced works in your own secure copyright portfolio.

Copyright is a form of legal protection given to creators of original work. It means they can print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, and to authorise others to do the same.

Copyright is automatic and comes into effect as soon as it leaves the mind and is embodied in some physical form, be it musically, poetically, or whatever. What creative types need is proof of ownership, which is why Future Copyright’s free to use system is so important and precious.

Creative types: Prove you created your work. Don’t let anyone else take credit for, or make money from, your work. Don’t send your work to producers, agents etc without evidencing your work first. Forget sending yourself your work in the post; it’s simply less effective (& isn’t free!).

More details and info you can find directly on the FutureCopyright.Com

Future Copyright | Take control of your copyright from creation to license

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