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Time+Space has announced Soundiron Olympus Competition

Time+Space has announced Soundiron Olympus Competition

Soundiron is well known for its great choral and scoring percussion products as well as exquisitely captured pianos, drums, ethnic and traditional folk instruments, ambient sound designs and sound effects libraries.

The most recent additon in this great collectiom are the Symphonic Choir LibrariesMars and Venus – which Soundiron co-founder Mike Peaslee rated as among his most proudest achievements to date during a recent interview with Time+Space

“Together in terms of size and scale, they´re larger than all of our previous choral projects combined. We covered greatly expanded Latin content, all new Russian material, a ridiculous number of staccato and marcato articulations, tempo-synching, more robust word building and phrase sequencing, larger soloists sections and so much more.”

Mars and Venus are available to purchase individually from Time+Space or bundled together as the Olympus Symphonic Choral Collection and Time+Space has announced that they have one of these bundles worth £439 to give away!

All you have to do is complete the form from the competition page on Time+Space Website.

Competition ends 31st August 2012 and is open to entrants worldwide.

Source: TimeSpace Press Release

Time+Space has announced Soundiron Olympus Competition

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