Sound vs. Sound Competition is ready to begin


Sound vs. Sound Competition is ready to begin

Aqua+ announced today that pre-production has begun on its new creative competition series “Sound vs. Sound”. The announcement was made today by Scott Chadwick, Series Creator and Executive Producer for Sound vs. Sound. “With singing competition programming at the top of the ratings,” said Chadwick, “it is easy to overlook that the great songs are created by composers, mixed and structured by producers and engineers, and interpreted by arrangers.”

Sound vs. Sound is a competition series that focuses on testing the musical flexibility and creativity of producers, composers, arrangers, and musicians. Contestants in Season One will be established producers, musicians or composers, with subsequent seasons opening to emerging talent. Details on casting calls for emerging talent will be available on the AQUA+ website September 1, 2012.

Each episode of Sound vs. Sound consists of two Challenges – a Wild Card Challenge and an Elimination Challenge. Each Challenge will require contestants to think out of the box, by presenting them with situations that take them outside of their musical comfort zone – from using children’s toys to score video game cinematics; to writing for a ukulele and tack piano consort; to recording a mismatched group of award-winning musicians from widely divergent idioms; to the ultimate challenge of pleasing a live audience.

Season One Judges are award-winning, certified-Platinum and/or Gold Producers and Composers who have been instrumental in the creation of the contemporary pop music landscape over the past 15-40 years. Season One guest artists, to be formally announced in October 2012, consist of noted performing and recording artists from rock, metal, jazz, electronic, folk, and world music. Music Industry veteran Laura B. Whitmore has joined the production crew as co-writer, co-producer, and industry & artist liaison. Music and audio gear from top manufacturers like Korg, Roland, Waldorf, Muse Research, and many more will be utilized to their fullest throughout the season.

Sound vs. Sound films in Toronto, Canada in February 2012, and is scheduled for international broadcast Q2 2012. A Canadian and U.K. SOUND VS. SOUND are currently in development. Find out more at:

Source: Aqua+ Press Release


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