Vox Amps announces Annual Fan Fest Rebates


Vox Amps announces Annual Fan Fest Rebates

VOX Amplification has announced a fall rebate promotion that refers to  Valvetronix VT+ Series Modeling Amplifiers and the entire line of VOX/Joe Satriani Signature Pedals. The mail-in rebate period runs from October 1, 2011, through December 31, 2011, and applies to new products purchased by U.S. Residents only from an authorized VOX Distributors in the USA. Full details and a downloadable rebate coupon can be found at www.voxamps.com/us/promo.

Vox Amps Cash Rebates are available on the following products:

VT120+ Valvetronix modeling amp with 30 Watt Reserve $50 Rebate
VT80+ Valvetronix modeling amp with 40 Watt Reserve          $50 Rebate
VT40+ Valvetronix modeling amp with 20 Watt Reserve $25 Rebate
VT20+ Valvetronix modeling amp with 10 Watt Reserve $25 Rebate
Satchurator Joe Satriani Signature Distortion Pedal $30 Rebate
Time Machine Joe Satriani Signature Dual-Mode Delay   $30 Rebate
Big Bad Wah Joe Satriani Signature Dual-Mode Wah $30 Rebate
Ice 9 Joe Satriani Signature Dual-Mode Overdrive    $30 Rebate

Vox Amps VT+ Series

The VOX Valvetronix VT+ Series relies on the tube-driven VOX Valve Reactor circuit for the perfect fusion of tube amp sound and cutting-edge modeling technology. Vox Amps VT+ modeling provides 33 distinctly voiced amp models; each provides a Basic, Effected, or Song version for a total of 99 instantly available presets. The 25 onboard effects are divided into Pedal, Modulation/Delay and Reverb categories. Unique to the Valvetronix VT+ Series is the Power Level control, delivering reserve power when needed, as well as allowing the player to achieve hi-gain tones at bedroom volumes.  

Vox Amps VOX/Joe Satriani Signature Pedals

Designed by Joe Satriani in conjunction with VOX, each pedal in the VOX / Joe Satriani Series was built to be best in its class, with enough flexibility to express Joe’s – and every player’s – individual, signature tone. True to Joe’s design, each pedal features a durable metal case, a dazzling finish, easy-to-use controls and classic chicken-head knobs.

Source: Vox Amps Press Release / Clyne Media Communications


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