Guitarists can turn their iOS devices into portable Line 6 POD multi-effect processors – Line 6 announces new Mobile In Digital Input Adaptor and Mobile Pod App


Line 6 announces new Mobile In Digital Input Adaptor

Line 6 announces Mobile In™ digital input adaptor and Mobile POD® guitar tone app which allow guitar players to connect their instrument to iPhone or iPad. Line 6 Mobile In™ digital input adaptor and Mobile POD® guitar tone app gives guitarists the same high-quality sounds they’d get if they were playing from a wide variety of famous guitar amplifiers, speakers and effects including distortion, chorus and reverb.

Mobile In and Mobile POD turn your iPhone or iPad into a fully functioning Line 6 POD multi-effect device complete with tweakable tones, simultaneous effects and legendary Line 6 guitar amp and effect modeling” remarked Line 6 Co-founder and SVP of New Business Development, Marcus Ryle.  Line 6 released in 1998 the first POD® multi-effect processor.  This introduced countless guitarists to digital modeling, a technology that gives them access to wide varieties of amp and effect tones within one device.  Ryle continues, “Mobile In is designed to be the best possible guitar tone solution for mobile devices.  Other iOS guitar adaptors are rife with issues like headphone feedback, latency and poor sound quality.  Mobile In solves all of these issues to deliver the best iOS guitar playing experience.”

Line 6 announces new Mobile In Digital Input Adaptor and Mobile Pod App

The new Mobile POD app brings famous Line 6 tone and technology to its most portable level.  The free app includes generous collections of 64 models of celebrated modern, vintage and boutique guitar gear including amps, cabinets, stompboxes and rack effects.  Users can mix and match the fully adjustable models to build a virtually unlimited variety of tones, which can then be saved as presets.  Also included with the app, free of any in-app purchase, are over 10,000 hand-crafted presets created by artists, Line 6 and other guitar players.

Unlike competing analog adaptors that plug into an iOS device’s headphone jack, Mobile In digital input plugs into the 30-pin connector on the bottom of the iOS device.  This digital connection enables the adaptor to offer pro-quality audio specs for guitar tones that are exceptionally rich and clear.  Mobile In supports up to 24-bit/48 kHz digital audio.  The Guitar input features 110 dB dynamic range. The stereo Line input, which is perfect for sending keyboard audio or any other standard mono or stereo line-level audio source to your iPhone® or iPad®, has 98 dB dynamic range.  Mobile In is the perfect digital input adaptor for use with any CoreAudio guitar apps including GarageBand® for iPad®.

Line 6 Mobile In includes a high-quality 6-foot guitar cable.  Mobile POD is a free download from the App StoreSM. Line 6 Mobile In and Mobile POD are made for iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPad.

Watch online Mobile In and Mobile POD Preview Video on the Official You Tube Account of Line 6.

Learn more about Line 6 Mobile In and Line 6 Mobile POD at

Line 6 Mobile In and Mobile POD ship Fall 2011.

Mobile In™ adaptor specs

1/8-inch guitar input (110 dB dynamic range)
1/8-inch stereo line input (98 dB dynamic range)
Up to 24-bit/48 kHz digital audio support
Connects to the 30-pin digital connector in compatible Apple® devices
Compatible with Apple® iPhone® 4, iPad® 2 and iPad®
No batteries required – powered by the Apple® device
Includes high-quality 6-foot guitar cable with 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch ends
Constructed of black heavy-duty polycarbonate

Mobile POD® app specs

64 fully adjustable models based on celebrated vintage and modern gear (32 guitar amplifiers, 18 stompbox and rack effects, and 16 guitar cabinets)
Access over 10,000 presets and download them right to your Apple® device – all free!
Save your own presets
Built-in tuner
Jam along with your iTunes® library
Free on the App StoreSM (Mobile In required for full functionality)

Source: Line 6 Press Release


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