Promotion on SPL.Info: 1+1=3


Promotion on SPL.Info | 1+1=3

It’s very simple … Until 31st May on you can order two Analog Code plug-ins and get the third one for free so you’ll save up to 37%.

How to select your free plug-in

  • On SPL Store there is two price categories: plug-ins for 99 Euro/149 USD or 149 Euro/223.50 USD.
  • If you  buy two plug-ins for 198 EUR/298 USD, you can select another 99 EUR/149 USD plug-in for free.
  • If you buy two plug-ins for 248 EUR/447 USD, you can select any of the Analog Code plug-ins as your free third plug-in.

How to order

1. Enter SPL Store
2. Buy two Analog Code plug-ins
3. Note your plug-in of choice in the field “Your Notes” during checkout
4. You will receive your free plug-in license within 24 hours.

How to download installers

Go to the download page for all Analog Code plug-ins and select the installers of your choice. Please note: All installers are working either as demo or full version. A demo installation can be used as full version simply by registering a license during the demo period (14 days). This means you can start now and easily register during the demo period!

1+1 = 3 SPL Promotion ends May 31, 2011.

More details and stuff you can find on and also on … Enjoy


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