Samplecraze release Harmonic Distortion Video


Music Production Video Tutorial | Samplecraze Harmonic Distortion Video

SampleCraze has released a video tutorial where you can find a lot of useful information about harmonic distortion.

Today, more and more producers are turning to the wonderful world of tape saturation and valve driving to get warmth and a full-bodied texture for their production and sound design projects.

However, one needs to understand the subject of harmonic distortion to get the best out of any active gain staging equipment, be it for tape saturation or over-driving valves/tubes.

To do this it is crucial to understand the theory and application behind harmonic distortion, so this comprehensive video tutorial covers all the following topics:

What is harmonic distortion? How does it occur in tape and valve based systems?
What are active gain stages?
What are odd and even harmonics and how do they affect the sound?
How to create odd and even harmonics and blend them to create new textures.
What is hysteresis?
What is bias?
What are triodes and pentodes and how do they affect harmonics?
What is tape saturation and how do you process it?
What are the characteristics of tape?
What is saturation compression?
What is magnetic threshold?
What are grids?
What are valves and how do they work?
How to use tape saturation and valves plugins (ferox/ psp vintage warmer/ psp tape sat2/ voxengo tube amp/ nomad tape warmer/christortion)

This video explains how to use tape saturation and valve driving techniques and incorporates examples using drums, keyboards and guitars with an assortment of plugins.

Watch online Harmonic Distortion Video Presentation uploaded on the Official You Tube Account of SampleCraze

More information and online shop you can find on SampleCraze’s Website, on the dedicated page of this music production video tutorial.

Sources: Samplecraze Press Release


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