Hypnotic Dance Content Set from Steinberg


VST Instruments | Hypnotic Dance Content from Steinberg

Steinberg announced today that Hypnotic Dance VST Instrument Set is available as download for Windows and Mac OS X directly from Steinberg Online Shop for 29.99 EUR.Hypnotic Dance Sound Library is compatible with HALion Sonic, HALion Sonic SE and HALion 4.

Mattias Quelmann, product marketing manager at Steinberg said that “… succeeding Synthesizers and Prologue Discoveries, Hypnotic Dance is the third expansion pack in the series of VST Sound Instrument Sets. From heavy bass lines to atmospheric pads, Hypnotic Dance offers unique content and is a must-have for any serious electronic producer working with the HALion range of products.”

Steinberg Hypnotic Dance Content Set Details

  • 300 synthesizer programs and 100 Step Modulator presets for techno, trance and dance productions
  • Custom-designed macro page for instant access to all sound-shaping parameters
  • Graphic Step Modulator for unique rhythmic twists
  • Compatible with HALion 4, HALion Sonic and HALion Sonic SE
  • Windows and Mac installer included

More info you can find on Steinberg Official Site.

Sources: Steinberg.Net


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